Video Nasties A-Z With Death By DVD the beginning : Antropophagus & Absurd

Antropophagus & Absurd discussed as well as an introduction to our new Video Nasty segment

The first episode of our newest segment : “The Video Nasties A Through Z With Death By DVD”!

I.Alexander Nash and Hank (The worlds greatest)  discuss what the Video Nasties are, and talk about the first two movies on their 72 film long journey, Absurd & Antropophagus both directed by Joe D'amato

Join us once a month as we 2 by 2 discuss every movie on the infamous Video Nasty list. 

Catch catch the horror taxi and fall in love with a Video Nasty with us, right now! Click play! You can do it! 
Recorded in front of a dead studio audience. Death By DVD©