The Haunted World Of Hank

Two crime dramas are discussed on the first episode of The Haunted World Of Hank, the newest show from Death By DVD

On this episode Hollywood Hank The Worlds Greatest takes the lead and discusses two movies for the debut presentation of The Haunted World Of Hank! The newest segment from Death By DVD, it's all Hank, baby! 

Given to you as a double feature, our very own 'The Worlds Greatest' brings you a character study on a duo of very similar but very different men, as well discussing two movies you DEFINITELY should see! What are the movies!? Check the episode out now to find out! Get ready for lots of "uh's" and the word "but" said nearly 488 times!! IT'S THE HAUNTED WORLD OF HANK
Recorded in front of a dead studio audience. Death By DVD©