CINEMA BLOODSPORT : Battle of the Romero remakes

Which REMAKE of a GEORGE A ROMERO movie is the best? Night Of The Living Dead 1990 or The Crazies 2010? Find out on this episode!

CINEMA BLOODSPORT returns triumphantly in 2020 with yet ANOTHER show about George A. Romero. Seriously, how many Romero shows did we do last year? Well HERE IS ANOTHER ONE! This time, I.Alexander Nash and Hollywood Hank debate which remake of a classic Romero movie is truly the best. Night Of The Living Dead 1990 goes against The Crazies 2010 on this rootin' tootin' hot new episode! 

Well it's more tootin' rootin' than rootin' tootin', to be honest about the tootin' and the rootin' but still you get the point. 
Recorded in front of a dead studio audience. Death By DVD©